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Action-Packed Series Flashpoint Starts This June On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 1st Jun 2014

Flashpoint – Season 1
Weekdays at 5pm and 9.55pm, repeated the following week at noon from Friday 6th June

Flashpoint focuses on a fictional elite tactical unit, the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), within a Canadian metropolitan police force. The SRU are tasked to resolve extreme situations that regular officers are not trained to handle, including hostage-taking, bomb threats, and heavily armed criminals. Equipped with high-tech tools and a cache of weapons and explosives, members use negotiation tactics and intuition to try to avoid the use of deadly force, which they only excert after all other options have been exhausted. The outcome of a given situation is often determined by a split-second decision, hence the show's tit... read more

The Final Series Of The District And More 7th Heaven This Month On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Monday 5th May 2014

The District - Season 4
Starts May 7th weeknights 5pm & 9.55pm with Noon repeat the following day

The final season of this critically acclaimed drama, inspired by the experiences of a real-life police hero come to CBS Drama this month.

Despite having over 30 law enforcement agencies, Washington DC still has the highest crime rate in the US. With politics and indifference being a large factor in this, the city hires Newark PD Chief Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson), a movie-quoting, lounge-singing former NYPD transit cop who claims he can (and has successfully) cut a city's crime rate in half.

He has been brought in by Mayor Ethan Baker (John Amos) to overhaul an antiquated, dysfunctional or... read more

Twins, Jails And Super Cops - April On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014

7th Heaven - Series 3
Weekdays at 3pm, repeated the following weekday at 10am and Saturday omnibus from 10am
From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton, this critically acclaimed award-winning family drama about a minister, his wife and their (now) seven children, stars a young Jessica Biel. In season 3, we finally get to understand why this long-running series has its title. This series sees the arrival of twins to add to the Camden brood.

Starting where season two left off, season three sees Annie announcing that, through a mix-up with the pregnancy tests, it is she and Eric who are pregnant, not Mary and her ex, Wilson. Furthermore, Annie is expecting twins, but a jealous Ruthie... read more

Unmissable Movies This March On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 23rd Feb 2014

CBS Drama is making Sunday afternoons during March the only place to be for emotional and thrilling drama. Here’s a quick taste of what we’re showing and note that all start at 5pm.

March 2nd - Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution
A single blind date suffices for handsome gentleman Scott Peterson, a traveling salesman, to seduce Amber Frey all the way. When a colleague finds out about his marriage, she believes him to be a widower. Later however it becomes clear his wife was alive and pregnant, but is missing. Pregnant herself, Amber hears his wife and baby's corpses were found and records his phone calls for the police. Ultimately she's the key witness is his murder trial.

Ma... read more

Brand New Freesat App Has Launched

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Friday 17th Jan 2014

Freesat ImageThe new Freesat App has launched and is available for download from the App Store so you’ll never miss another episode of your favourite CBS Drama soap or CBS Action movie or CBS Reality expose or Horror Channel must-see-shocker!

The App is a free TV guide for anyone watching TV for free.

It allows users to plan ahead and get great recommendations of what to watch on TV and On Demand with Showcase.

If users have a Freetime box they can remote record, launch On Demand on their tel... read more

7th Heaven And Other Treats This January On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 31st Dec 2013

7th Heaven - Series 1
Weekdays at 3pm from 29th January repeated the following weekday at 10am and Saturday omnibus from 10am.

From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes 7th Heaven, a critically acclaimed award-winning family drama about a minister, his wife and their seven children (there were originally five kids making them a family of seven but the twins came along in season three). This was Warner Brother’s highest-rated series, and also the longest-running family drama in the history of American television (running for 11 seasons – beating both Little House On The Prairie and The Waltons!) The series tells the story of the Camdens, a protestant minister's... read more

December Holds Plenty Of Entertainment On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Wednesday 27th Nov 2013

Its the season to be entertained and CBS Drama has plenty for you to tune in for across the festive period including your favourite soap, true life drama and some seasonal triple-bills.

Here’s a quick look at the treats we have in store for you.

Knots Landing - Season 8 and 9, weekdays at 23.10, repeated the following weekday at 8am and 1pm
Season 8 of Knots Landing was a heady mix of lies, lust, drug abuse, death and back-stabbing and Season 9 promises to have even more breath-taking plot turns and family conflict. It would be wrong to post plot spoilers here but do look out for our very own Michael York turning up as Charles Scott.

read more

This November CBS Drama Picks The Best In Made For TV Movies To Get You In The Mood For Christmas.

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 29th Oct 2013

It’s time to get into your Onesies, grab a box of chocolates and a hankie as CBS Drama picks the best in made for TV movies to get you in the mood for Christmas this November. Here's a selection of what's showing.

17th November
A Very Married Christmas
A light-hearted festive drama about a man whose life falls apart when his wife admits to an affair and wants a divorce. Surprisingly, his future happiness lies in the hands of a charismatic volunteer Santa! Starring Joe Mantegna, Jean Smart and Kari Matchett

Borrowed Hearts
Festive feel-good film, starring Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) as Sa... read more

Its Time For Crime - Weekdays On CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013

Crime drama from two very different corners of America are making afternoons unmissable on CBS Drama. At 3pm each weekday television legend Tom Bosley (Mr Cunningham from Happy Days) stars as an inquisitive priest in The Father Dowling Mysteries.

Set in Chicago, Father Francis Dowling is just your normal everyday Catholic Priest who spends some of his spare time solving crimes that the local constabulary seem to have difficulty in sorting out. Aided by Sister Stephanie Oskowski (Tracy Nelson) the holy pair help to crack crime and keep the faith.

Look out for a few appearances from Father Dowling’s twin brother too!

Then at 5pm the cops get very serious in the acclaimed series read more

Don't Miss The Drama This September

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 18th Aug 2013

September on CBS Drama contains plenty of movies and series to entertain you into the Autumn.

The couples of Knots Landing encounter more domestic dramas as Seasons 6 and 7 play out through September whilst the staff and pupils of Waterloo Road cope with a recent changes as Season 5 begins. Both are showing at their usual times. If you fancy late nights over the weekend then The Colbys will be waiting for you from 1.50am.

Keep Sundays at 7pm free in your diaries as we have a selection of movies that will pull at your every emotion. On the 1st Rick Springfield, Andrea Roth and Geordie Johnson star in the romantic comedy A Change Of Placeread more




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